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(TBT) “Earth Bound” by Christine Feehan

Goodreads Rating: ⭐️

Earth Bound is the fourth book in Christine Feehan’s Sea Haven/Sister of the Heart series. The novel includes a large handful of characters, most who have had an extremely traumatic past, that live on a farm where they have safety and can work together to heal. The main characters are Lexi and Gavriil—two people who were lost but instantly fell in love when they met. Lexi is a challenged woman who was abused mentally, physically and sexually for many years of her young life until she made it to the farm. Gavriil is a killer who is determined to eliminate the people who have abused and/or threatened Lexi in her past.

For this review, I will first acknowledge that I, once again, did not realize that this book was from a series and that I was not starting with book #1. So maybe if I had started with #1 I would have known that the characters had special powers such as controlling the elements and being able to talk telepathically. That was my first “turn-off.” It would have been nice if the synopsis on the back of the book would have recognized this fact so I could have gone into it with the right mindset. Also, I am curious if books #1 through #3 were as sexual as book #4. I will do the favor of warning future readers now that a good chunk of the book includes explicit sexual scenes. It can be quite a shock to read this when you are reading it in large print in a crowded room.

One aspect of the novel that I got caught up in was the dialogue. It came off as very unrealistic to me which was disappointing. The sentences were too perfect and seemed forced. Some paragraphs would be all description but being told by one of the characters and it just didn’t work. Maybe I was starting to get picky but it also rubbed me the wrong way every time Gavriil called Lexi “woman”. Calling a woman, “woman,” can come off as disrespectful. For how loving and mushy Feehan portrayed the characters, “woman” didn’t seem like the right word to use. I know I am tearing the novel apart but there was one thing that I thought Feehan did very well. She wrote it in the third person point of view and I thought the transition between characters—specifically Gavriil and Lexi—was excellent. The flow between the characters’ thoughts was impeccable and I never saw the transition coming. It happened very naturally.

To sum it up, don’t take my word for it. I have never been into romance novels and I would not have read this book if I had known that it would have been so romantic. If romance novels are your thing, then you may love this book. On the novel received a lot more 5 star ratings than 1 star so it very possibly could be just me. I personally loved chapter 19 because it was the only chapter with any action in it (that was not sexual). Christine Feehan has written multiple series so she could be a new author for a reader to discover.

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